3 Tips For Restaurant Dining With Children


A trip to a restaurant can initially seem like the perfect option when you and your family are at the end of a long week, looking for a fun activity to shake things up, or celebrating a special occasion. For many families, though, the potential difficulty of keeping children polite and happy at restaurants is far too daunting. Here are three tips for a pleasant restaurant experience with children. 

Choose Carefully

Some restaurants are much more child-friendly than others. Call ahead or check online to make sure that your family will be comfortable and accepted at the restaurant you choose. Think about the style, noise level, and typical clientele. Some restaurants even have a minimum age limit, to maintain a relaxed environment. When it comes to dining out, you want to fit in. If the diners around you are bothered by your children, odds are you will be equally, if not more, uncomfortable. 

Additionally, consider the kind of food served. You know what your children will eat. Though there is certainly value in teaching your children to try new things, you may want to stick to the old standbys while you get your children used to restaurant procedure and etiquette. Reduce tears and complaints by checking in advance to ensure that there is something for your child to eat. Many children, for example, prefer hamburgers or pizza to seafood or curry. That being said, be sure to allow your child a choice, providing they are old enough to understand their options. You may find that this helps them better understand and enjoy the overall experience. 

Go Early

Not only will an early dining time generally give you smaller crowds and a more peaceful environment, arriving at the beginning of the dinner hour (or breakfast or lunch hour) will help you combat fussiness from impatient or hungry children. For a youngster, the wait time between ordering and food arrival can seem an eternity, especially if their stomachs are already rumbling. Fewer people means shorter waits. 

Talk Beforehand 

Make sure your children are prepared. If your children are old enough, explain to them the way that a restaurant works, and tell them what you expect in terms of their behavior. If you need to set rules or conduct preliminary etiquette lessons, by all means do so. Continue this lesson by setting a good example at the restaurant. Demonstrate manners, thank your waiter, and gently correct children when they err. 

Dining with children doesn't have to be a harrowing experience. If things don't go according to plan the first time, don't get discouraged. Your children will learn as they grow, practice, and have new experiences at restaurants like Tony & Joe's Pizzeria. Through it all, do your best to stay calm and have fun!


27 January 2015

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