3 Fun Ideas For Your Daughter's Sleepover Birthday Party


Is your daughter celebrating her birthday by having a sleepover at your house with several of her closest friends? If so, you probably want to make sure the sleepover is as fun and memorable as possible for all the girls. There are several simple yet creative things you can do to make sure your child has a good time with her best friends while celebrating her birthday.

1. Put Together a Movie Night Buffet Table

Pick out a movie you think the girls would love or asked your daughter which movie she would like to watch with her friends. Once you have the movie, you can start putting together the buffet table so the girls can choose what they want to eat instead of all eating the same thing. You can order pizza delivery to your home. Instead of ordering a few pizzas with specific toppings on them, you can ask for some toppings on the side, such as cooked pepperoni, black olives and sliced green peppers. Place the toppings into small bowls surrounding the slices of pizza, allowing each person to decide what they want to add to their slice.

Along with having pizza delivered to the home, you can add a few other items to the movie night buffet table, including a few snacks. Some great snacks to have on the table would include chocolate chip cookies, popcorn and brownies.

2. Prepare Some Do-It-Yourself Spa Treatment Supplies

Once the girls finish watching the movie, they may want to have something else to do. You can keep them busy and entertained by supplying them with the stuff hey would need to create their own do-it-yourself spa treatments. You can fill containers with different ingredients, such as brown sugar, honey, olive oil, coconut oil and ground coffee. The girls can create face scrubs by blending a few of these different ingredients together.

You can even show them what they would need to make their own face masks. Some of the best ingredients for at-home facial masks include turmeric powder, lemon juice, plain yogurt and aloe vera gel. Allow the girls to create their own custom blend and have fun with it. They may enjoy pampering themselves with the interesting ingredients you give them.

3. Plan Out an Indoor/Backyard Scavenger Hunt

If you really want to keep the girls busy during the sleepover, consider planning out a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt could take place inside your home as well as in your backyard if you have enough space. You can go around hiding different items inside various rooms and in the backyard, such as candy and dollar bills in an attempt to get the girls to find those items. The person who comes back with the most items found could win a prize. You can put together a nice prize consisting of a few beauty products, such as a nail polish and lip balm.

These are some great ideas to consider if you are planning out a sleepover party for your daughter. You can make sure that she and her friends have fun the whole night.


20 December 2016

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