How To Cut Down On How Much Money You Spend When Eating Out


If you would like to start saving some money on the cost of eating out, but you do not want to stop going out to eat altogether, you will want to make use of the following tips. This way, you will still be able to enjoy your evenings out without worrying about breaking the bank.

Buy Gift Cards For The Restaurant At A Fuel-Saving Grocery Store

There are some grocery stores that will give their customers so much off the price of gasoline when they spend a certain amount of money in their store. You could eventually end up with a free tank of gas. If you have one of those grocery stores nearby and you can buy a gift card to a restaurant that you want to go to, you can save money getting the gift card and paying with that instead of cash once you are out to eat. Sure, the cost of the meal itself will still be the same, but you are saving money elsewhere by using this method of payment.

Opt For Water

Many restaurants charge for any drink other than a water. In some places, a soft drink can cost as much as three dollars. If you have the entire family going out to eat, you could save three dollars per person by simply ordering water instead of soft drinks. To give the water a little flavor, you can always ask for lemon wedges for your water. If you think about it ahead of time, you can take some water flavoring packets in your purse or pocket. Add those to your water and you will have even more flavor.

Skip The Appetizers

It might seem like forever before your meal arrives, but if a salad or any bread comes with the price of your meal, those things will usually arrive before the main part of your meal. You can simply hold on until the salad arrives and save a lot of money that way. If you are insistent on treating yourself to an appetizer, try ordering just one that everyone at the table can share. This is a much more affordable option than everyone ordering their own individual appetizers.

When you are able to save as much money as possible on the cost of eating out, it will be easier to tip your waiter or waitress fairly. You will also have money that can be put towards other things, such as a ticket for the movies.


28 December 2016

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