Consider An Italian Restaurant To Cater Your Next Work Function


If you're putting together plans for an upcoming work function that will include food, you'll likely want to look for a restaurant with a catering division that can offer several finger foods. Unless you're planning a sit-down meal, finger foods are highly desirable — employees can hold a few items on a napkin or small plate and mingle among the crowd, enjoying their food without needing to sit down or use cutlery. An Italian restaurant might not be at the forefront of your mind when you think of catering, given this cuisine's popularity when it comes to large, sit-down meals. However, if your local Italian restaurant has a catering service, these food items are highly ideal for your work function.


Although they're commonly featured with pasta, high-quality meatballs can be delicious on their own. While perhaps not conducive to eating off a napkin, meatballs are perfect for small plates that people can carry around at your gathering. Few restaurants do a better job of meatballs than Italian restaurants — imagine small, bite-sized balls made of pork and/or beef that include toasted breadcrumbs and savory spices, tossed in a tomato-based sauce. All you'll need is a supply of toothpicks that people can use to eat this tasty Italian dish.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are an ideal example of a finger food that is perfect for work gatherings. Because they're often small enough to eat in one bite, people can devour these tasty treats with their fingers or a toothpick, and the lack of sauce means that stuffed mushrooms are safe to carry around on a napkin. The mushrooms can be stuffed with a wide range of ingredients, including onions, peppers, Italian herbs, cheese, and even crumbled-up pork sausage, making this a popular item at your event.

Garlic Rolls

No good Italian meal is complete without some form of bread, and adding garlic rolls to your gathering's menu will keep your group's members satisfied. Garlic rolls may be available in several varieties, but all are ideal because of the ease with which your gathering's members can eat them. For example, you might find garlic rolls topped with a glaze of butter and Parmesan cheese, or you may even find some with Mozzarella cheese melted over them. Sometimes, garlic rolls will be plain balls, while other Italian restaurants will prepare them as a knot made of dough. Whatever the case, they'll help to ensure that no one goes away hungry.

For more ideas on catering your company event with authentic Italian food, contact local restaurants like Villa Romana Italian Restaurant.


26 September 2017

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