Planning To Travel By Air? A Few Tips For Eating In Airport Restaurants


If you are making arrangements to travel by air, you should also consider eating during the trip. While you may be served a small meal on the plane during flight, it is also a good possibility you will be spending time in an airport terminal while waiting for connecting flights. While there, you may need to get something to eat. Here are a few tips so you can plan these meals in a way that will make the best out of the situation.


While flying, your body will become slightly dehydrated. This can make you feel hungry although you are actually thirsty. When you go into a restaurant, be sure to ask for water before ordering any food. Drink the water and ask for more. Now you may not feel as hungry, so you will not over-order or overeat and make yourself uncomfortable on the next flight.

Eat Healthy

Even if you generally eat at fast food restaurants, now is the time to make healthy choices instead. Look for places that prepare the food onsite and do not have it shopped in and reheated. This will not only make you feel better but will keep you from feeling sluggish or needing to use the rest room while on the plane. The compressed air in the cabin and high altitude has the tendency to cause a bit of upset in your digestive system, giving you gas pains. Healthier, fresh food will diminish this, so you will enjoy the flight more.

Practice Portion Control

You do not want to eat too much when you are travelling. This will only make you uncomfortable and you will need to use the restroom more often. In addition, you are not going to want to have the server wrap up what is left to take on the plane. Ask how large the portions will be before you order. If possible, ask for a child's portion. If you have company on the trip, you could order one meal and split it between the two of you. This will not only limit the amount you eat but will save on the bill too.

Do not forget to include the funds to eat while travelling. Take some time to research the eating establishments available at the airports where you will be spending time. You can probably find menus and prices online. Write down where you would like to eat so you don't forget once you arrive. You should also make sure that the restaurant you choose is close to the boarding gate of your next flight to keep you from having to rush or being late. For more tips, contact a company like Hojeij Branded Foods.


11 April 2018

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