Three Ways To Make Your Pizzeria Perfect For Pizza Parties


Pizza parties are popular with schools, businesses, and groups of friends who want to get together for a meal, and making your pizzeria more accommodating to these types of group meals can help build your business and increase sales. Here are a few ways you can make your pizza restaurant perfect for group parties.

Rethink Your Seating

Having a flexible seating setup makes it easier to accommodate couples, families, and large groups in your dining area. Consider square tables that can be pushed together or separated instead of round ones, and think about lining the walls with continuous bench-style seating. The benches let you seat more people in a small area and can add a more contemporary look to your establishment as well.

Add A Salad Bar

One challenge some restaurants face when hosting parties is not having enough servers to properly serve a large group. One server can become overwhelmed with a large group and not have enough time for other tables. Adding a salad bar can take some of the burden off of servers by letting guests help themselves to food. The salad bar can be part of your pizza party package offerings, and it can also be used on weekends as part of all-you-can-eat promotions. Be sure the salad bar is situated in the dining area where everyone will have easy access to it.

Expand Your Pizza Menu

Consider adding some super-sized pizzas to the menu to accommodate large groups. Extra-large pizzas that can serve eight people or more make it easier for groups to order, and customers will be delighted to see their giant meals being brought out to the table. You may also want to add some signature pizzas in smaller sizes that encourage groups to order several different items and share with each other. Be sure your menu has enough appetizer options to appeal to pizza party guests too. Some options might include chicken wings, bread sticks, and fried ravioli.

Work with your kitchen and serving staff to come up with strategies to provide excellent service to parties booked at your restaurant. You may also want to create a marketing plan to advertise your restaurant as the perfect place to host a party. Spreading the word to schools and local businesses can help attract more traffic and more large groups of diners who want to enjoy a classic pizza meal with friends or co-workers.


2 February 2019

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