Add Some Green To Your Catered Barbecue Spread With These Choices


Meat is unquestionably the star when you have a barbecue company cater an event that you're hosting, but it shouldn't make up 100 percent of the menu. While it's true that you'll want a number of types of meat available to your guests, you'll also want some other items to provide a taste and textural contrast. Baked potatoes, cornbread, and other similar fare might be appealing to you, but don't overlook the importance of some green vegetables. Many of your event's guests will enjoy complementing the meats that they eat with some veggies, including these choices that a barbecue catering service can provide. 

Collard Greens

One of the types of vegetable dishes that your barbecue catering service can almost certainly make available for your event is collard greens. This is a veggie that is a popular side dish with barbecue fare, especially in southern states. Different people prepare collard greens in different ways, so it's important to talk to your catering company about the approach that it takes. For example, it might stew or fry this vegetable, or it may even combine it with cream and cheese in a dish called creamed collard greens.

Green Beans

Green beans are one of the more popular vegetables across the country, with many people enjoying them for their versatility. This vegetable is also popular as a side dish to barbecue fare, so you may wish to have it available for your guests. Like collard greens, there are a number of unique ways that your caterer may prepare the green beans. Some people grill them quickly, which can give them a unique taste. Other people will fry them with spices — and perhaps even combine them with bacon — to give them a fiery flavor that can excite your guests.

Green Salad

Of course, another green option to include on your barbecue menu is a green salad. This side dish is a good choice because it's something that most of your guests will enjoy. For example, if someone isn't an adventurous eater and doesn't seem keen to try collared greens, this individual will likely be happy to serve himself or herself some salad. Barbecue catering services can offer different ingredients in their salads — bacon and hard-boiled eggs, for example, can augment this dish. You may also wish to ask your caterer to provide a number of different salad dressings so that your guests can choose the dressings that they enjoy best.

Reach out to a barbecue event catering service for more information.


30 April 2020

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