Pizza: Becoming The Top Slice In Your Area


With in-person dining restricted around the country, demand for take-out food has never been higher. If you're looking to help your pizza restaurant be the top slice in your area, you may need to offer some unique options to your customers.

Kits and Subscriptions

With customers trapped at home, particularly those with small children, offering your patrons an experience can be sometimes be just as valuable as serving them a delicious meal.

  • Kits: during the COVID pandemic, many customers have a surplus of time. You can offer them the experience of learning how to make pizza, salads, pasta, and other specialities by offering them meal kits. For instance, you might portion out the ingredients for a signature pizza, pasta, or salad, with a link to a YouTube video that shows your customers exactly how to whip up a delicious meal at home. When building your meal kits and your tutorial videos, it's critical to remember your audience. Tailoring your videos for children and families with limited cooking experience requires simplification and empathy. Make sure that your instructions offer simple visuals and process-orientated steps.
  • Subscriptions: many customers are looking for both consistency and novelty. You can serve both impulses by offering subscription to dining experiences. For instance, you might offer weekly meal delivery at a discounted rate and/or chances to sample new menu options every month. Not only can these subscription options help you forecast your demand, but they can also improve your customer loyalty. As customers utilize your subscription meals, you can garner data about your new menu options and streamline your supply purchases.

Artisan and Customized

Getting a larger share of the local pizza market requires some strategy. Because your restaurant probably can't compete with the prices of larger chain pizza restaurants, you need to offer things your competitors can't.

  • Artisan: from breweries to bakeries, artisan craftsmanship is something many customers are willing to pay a premium for. You build an artisan identify for your pizza restaurant by focusing on how your food is made, what it's made with, and who it's made by. Social media spots that showcase these features of your pizza process can set your restaurant apart from even the larger chains in your area.
  • Customized: customers are often loyal to products/brands that make them feel like they are their own. Go out of your way to allow your customers to customize menu options. Furthermore, not up-charging for this customization will ensure that customers don't feel cheated for getting the product they want.

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15 July 2020

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