Greek Takeout Dishes That Your Children Will Enjoy


If you love the taste of Greek food, finding an eatery in your community that offers a takeout menu will allow you to pick up food at your convenience and enjoy it at home. For a family with children, a night of takeout food can be fun — but you want your kids to be comfortable with the food that they eat. While some kids might be keen on ordering off the children's menu at a Greek restaurant, there are plenty of other dishes that you can expect your children will enjoy. Consider ordering the following dishes to give your children a chance to try something different.

Greek Salad

It's important for children to eat their veggies, and a good way of doing so is by enjoying a Greek salad from your local eatery. Your kids might have experience with garden and Caesar salads, but it's possible that they've yet to dig into a Greek salad. While different restaurants may prepare their salads in slightly different ways, you can expect a combination of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives with a dressing that includes olive oil, garlic, oregano, and other herbs. Takeout menus often have family-sized salads, so you can order one that you can enjoy together.

Chicken Souvlaki

Chicken souvlaki can be a good way to introduce your children to Greek takeout cuisine. This menu staple is something that you may have experience with, and that your children should enjoy. This dish consists of marinated pieces of chicken that sit on a wooden skewer — a presentation that may interest your kids if they haven't previously seen food prepared this way. Souvlaki platters include other elements such as potatoes, peppers, onions, and more. If your children prefer rice to potatoes, you likely have the option to have the meat and vegetables on rice instead.


You likely have a good grasp on how adventurous your children are. If you think they're up for trying something that perhaps looks unlike anything they've seen, dolmadakia is a good choice to order off the menu. Although there are many ways to prepare this dish, it often consists of stuffed grape leaves. Inside of the grape leaves, you'll find ingredients such as ground beef, rice, and spices. Your kids probably haven't had grape leaves, but if they like eating ground beef and rice, this can be a menu item that they should enjoy. Don't be afraid to consult the takeout menu and look for other meals that will appeal to your children. 


3 November 2020

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