3 Pepperoni Alternatives To Try On A Custom Pizza


For multiple generations, pepperoni has remained one of the top go-to toppings for pizzas. If you love the flavors of pepperoni, then you can expand your palette and try out some alternatives the next time you order pizza. These alternative options give you the opportunity to mix up flavors and still have a slight similarity to the pepperoni you love.

Check out some of the options and try one the next time you order customized pizza.

1. Old World Pepperoni

In the United States, traditional pepperoni sits flat on the pizza and the edges typically crisp up. Old world pepperoni typically features smaller circles. Those circles curl up to create small cup-like shapes across the whole pizza. The cups often collect the grease from the pepperoni and adds a lot of depth of flavor to each bite.

The smaller size of the pepperoni will also make each piece a little bit crispier and add some crunch to the pizza.

2. Vegetarian Pepperoni

If you want to cut down on the amount of meat that you eat, then look for pizza restaurants that offer vegetarian pepperoni. Vegetables and spices combine to duplicate the same pepperoni flavors found in the traditional topping. Some may use tempeh and others will use chickpeas to achieve a similar texture profile to pepperoni.

If a restaurant does offer vegetarian pepperoni, then you could ask what the ingredients are so you know exactly what went into making the pepperoni.

3. Salami Slices

Consider salami as a pepperoni replacement. Salami offers a similar slice, but the meat is often cut thin and comes in bigger pieces on the pizza. When cooked under the cheese, salami offers a nice smooth texture that covers most of the slice. When cooked on top of the cheese, the salami adds a nice crisp.

In some cases, a pizza restaurant may cut salami slices into small triangles and spread them around in a similar way to pepperoni. When you order the pizza, ask about the salami slice size options and try multiple options to see which style you like best.

In the end, you may go back to traditional pepperoni, but trying the different options can really expand the way you enjoy pizza and possibly give you some new favorites to enjoy. Along with the pepperoni alternatives, consider mixing other toppings on the pizza like black olives, ham, or peppers. The mix of flavors can enhance the pizza even further.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for customized pizza from local suppliers.


24 October 2022

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