Toss That Leftover Pizza Into a Blender and Make a Healthy Shake


In the somewhat forgotten film, End of Days, a burnt out Arnold Schwarzenegger tosses a slice of pizza and a lot of other things into a blender to make a smoothie. The scene is played for humor, but there is nothing funny about Arnold's statement "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." He's right. And he may be right about putting a slice of pizza into the blender. Not only does doing so keep leftovers from going to waste, a quickly liquefied pizza slice can add a host of nutrients to the system to start the day.

The Slice's Composition

Foods are made up of one or more of the following: fats, carbohydrates, and protein. A slice of pizza has all three. The crust has a lot of carbs and even just the eggs alone used to make the pizza crust have fat (yolk) and protein (egg whites). So, mixing up a slice of pizza in a morning shake can help someone looking for more energy during the day by adding desirable carbs or help someone repair muscle tissue by adding some protein.

Here are some things to do when planning a pizza shake:

Select the Right Slice

A pepperoni and sausage pizza probably won't be preferable to those hoping to access extra nutrients. A slice with fresh broccoli, chicken, and spinach absolutely is going to provide a nice amount of nutrients. A mix of chicken and hamburger on the pizza packs a lot of protein, and this would be great for those building muscle. The broccoli does add fiber. Thinking about what type of nutritional support is needed and then request toppings that match the request.

Cut Up the Slice

Tossing an entire slice of pizza into the blender might not be always be appropriate. For one, it is going to be hard for the blender to liquefy a whole slice. Cutting up the slice not only for more easily making a shake, doing so allows for selecting the appropriate portion. One third of a slice means fewer calories. Leaving out the crust also means fewer carbs.

Add Powder and Liquids

Tossing a slice of pizza into a blender filled with bottled water isn't exactly inspiring. Plain unsweetened almond milk could be the better choice. Adding protein powder is an option. Unflavored powder won't undermine the taste of the pizza. Vegetable flavored protein would help enhance it. The choice of powder and liquids is up to the individual.


15 December 2016

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